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Baseus H1i ANC Kabelloser Bowie-Kopfhörer, Bluetooth 5.3, Geräuschunterdrückung

Baseus H1i ANC Kabelloser Bowie-Kopfhörer, Bluetooth 5.3, Geräuschunterdrückung

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Baseus H1i ANC Kabelloser Bowie-Kopfhörer, Bluetooth 5.3, Geräuschunterdrückung

Erleben Sie eine unvergleichliche Klangqualität mit den kabellosen Bowie-Kopfhörern Baseus H1i ANC. Genießen Sie kristallklaren Klang dank Bluetooth 5.3 und branchenführender Geräuschunterdrückungstechnologie. Lassen Sie Ihren Sound hören – in perfekter Klarheit und ohne Unterbrechung – mit Baseus H1i!

Mit Mikrofon: Ja

Kabelloser Typ: Bluetooth

Lautstärkeregelung: Ja

Gesangsprinzip: Hybridtechnologie

Support-APP: Ja

Stil: Über dem Ohr

Schallisolierend: JA

Empfindlichkeit: 38 dB

Nenneingang: DC5V=600mA

Nennverbrauchsstrom: 8 mA

Paketliste: Benutzerhandbuch, Ladekabel, 3,5-mm-Klinkenadapter

Anzahl der Fahrer: 4

Musikspielzeit 2: 70 Stunden (Lautstärke bei 70 %, Geräuschunterdrückung an)

Musikspielzeit 1: 100 Stunden (Lautstärke bei 70 %, Geräuschunterdrückung aus)

Modellnummer: Baseus Bowie H1i

Maximale Funkreichweite[m]: <10m

Material: Metall, ABS, Kunststoff

Ist drahtlos: Ja

Impedanzbereich: bis zu 32 Ω

Funktion: Für Internet-Bar, für Videospiele, gemeinsame Kopfhörer, für Mobiltelefone, HiFi-Kopfhörer, Sport, für Outdoor, für Büro, für DJ, zum Lernen

Vollladezeit: ca. 2 Stunden

Frequenzgangbereich: 20–2000 Hz

Eigenschaften: Mit Mikrofon, aktive Geräuschunterdrückung, Dual-Verbindung

Ohrmuscheltyp: Versiegelt

Treiberdurchmesser: 40 mm

Dekodierungsprotokoll: LHDC/AAC/SBC

Steuertaste: Ja

Anschlüsse: Typ C

Kommunikation: Kabellos + Kabelgebunden

Codecs: AAC,sbc

Lademethode: Kabel

Zertifizierung: CE, FCC, RoHS

Kategorie: Ohrhörer und Kopfhörer

Markenname: BASEUS

Bluetooth-Version: 5.3

Akkulaufzeit bis zu [Stunden]: 100 Stunden (Lautstärke bei 70 %, Geräuschunterdrückung aus)

Batteriekapazität: 600 mAh/2,22 Wh

Batteriekapazität [mAh]: 600 mAh/2,22 Wh

Aktive Geräuschunterdrückung: Ja

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Justyn Ankunding

It works well via Bluetooth on both Mac and iPhone. Can keep folded as photo shows. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a takeaway case.
The microphone works well for calls in silent environment.

Kolby Ledner

Simply amazing, a great cost benefit, the ANC works well, it is very comfortable, delivered fast, best phone I ever bought

Mariana Armstrong

From the outset to clarify doubts: they are very light and comfortable headphones, they are not headphones with an extreme bass, the app, for the moment, is concise, and the BISA mode with AAC doesn't seem like much to me, maybe with the LHDC it would improve, however, Sadly its main star wireless function only works with current phones, and I think they should have a compatibility table, the LHDC format I only managed to activate it with a couple of Realme, and only one of them could use it in 24/96, the other could only send 16/44, When this format is supposed to be part of the HWA codec that older Huawei should also recognize, but not, as a user of a Mate 10, I have been left with the desire for a wireless Hi-Res audio... Even so, being able to use it with cable, the good ANC for that price and the immense battery make it a safe purchase, as long as they have solved the problem of the headband of the previous version, time will tell.

Molly Jones

The most surprising without a doubt is the battery life, I received them 2 weeks ago and in occasional use (about 2-3 hours every 2 days) just today they dropped to a battery 90%👌🏼
The sound quality is good, although it has a lack of bass, the medium and high frequencies like the voices are handled very well and they are heard very clearly... I honestly do not notice much difference when putting the "BISA" mode and not putting it on, normally they are already heard well, the ANC complies... And these have no white noise when nothing is playing like many other Bluetooth headphones that do
I recommend them👍🏼

Anahi Murazik

Quality, nice materials, comfortable. The sound is excellent at factory settings, listening to the volume on the 20%. I listen to savings and Yandex music. On other modes, the equalizer was unimpressed. I haven't figured out the noise system yet-I'll add it later. Came the 100% charge. The box was slightly crumpled, but the contents were not damaged.