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Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

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Laptop Stand.

Maximize your productivity and comfort with our Laptop Stand. This sleek and sturdy stand elevates your laptop to the perfect angle, reducing neck and back strain. Say goodbye to hunching over your laptop and hello to a more ergonomic and efficient work setup.

Portable Laptop Stand Aluminium

Feature 9: stand for macbook,portable table stand

Feature 8: vertical laptop stand ,laptop stand aluminium

Feature 7: laptop stand adjustable ,stand for laptop,

Feature 6: support for notebook,support pc portable

Feature 5: portable laptop stand ,laptop vertical stand

Feature 4: laptop stand Cooling,laptop holder,pc stand

Feature 3: laptop bracket,laptop base,laptop accessories

Feature 2: macbook stand,notebook support,

Feature 11: portable ergonomic support,foldable laptop stand

Feature 10: support macbook pro,adjustable laptop stand,laptop riser

Feature 1: laptop stand,support laptop,notebook stand

Brand Name: EASYIDEA

Application: Laptop

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Claire Ratke

The show is beautiful. I won a 14-inch Note, sit for fat, and I will. Whiota Garno Whistle. Just like it to get together and me chohol. The distance in the distance for that man, the Bulo brothers on the robot and paralally pratsyuvati from the house through the E * I teach Russian and Kovid. Before the capital of the non-zamorous country came for the missa-. Skosduyu scho without taking OLX. In the city of Bulgaria 20 UAH and not clobbing b Misha Taku beautiful rich) all good (Krim katsapiv) glory to Ukraine! Yes, sell good!)

Harmon Kilback

Great stand, I take my second friend. Adjustable width, everything is tight. My laptop with a diagonal of 14, fits perfectly. Very convenient to operate

Lonny Botsford

It seems to be good, now my old laptop will not be so hot)

Camden Romaguera

Stand is good, smooth. Painted well, rubber inserts are also glued smoothly. The tread legs stand at the same height. I want to note this after I went through all the reviews on this lot. Maybe someone is unlucky, but I'm lucky. I do not know what weight of the laptop she can withstand, as she took it for other purposes, but it looks pretty strong. The graphic tablet holds well and all possible angles of this stand are ideal for it. Who does not want to overpay 3 k for their own tablet stand can safely take this one. The tablet will not scratch🖖

Demetrius Von

Delivered weeks in two probably did not count the days. Stand is suitable for the price. It is unlikely that it will be normal to hold a gaming laptop, but hardly anyone will decide to take such a form factor for a gaming laptop. For the working laptop fit, the holding legs are located approximately in the middle of the case, but the laptop is quietly standing. It is convenient that the bottom is rubberized and non-slip, so that the laptop is on the table with confidence. In general satisfied with the purchase.