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Smartphone Holder for Bike. Waterproof bag for bicycle

Smartphone Holder for Bike. Waterproof bag for bicycle

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Smartphone Holder for Bike. Waterproof bag for bicycle

Protect your smartphone from the elements with our waterproof bag for bicycles. This holder securely attaches to your bike, offering a hands-free option for navigation or playing music while you ride. Keep your phone safe and dry on any bike ride.

● Brand : Wheep Up
● Name : V0302-88 Top Tube Bag
● Weight : 198g
● Material : EVA + PU fabric
● Product size : 23 cm ✖ 10.5 cm ✖ 10 cm
● Phone size : 17.5 cm ✖ 8.5 cm,Fit below 7.1 inch

①. 7.1in large screen
● Large screen is suitable for a large number of mobile phones.
②. Without touching legs
● The thoughtful design prevents you from touching the bag when riding.
③. Sensitivity touch screen
● The sensitive touch screen allows you to use the navigation freely during riding.
④. Headphone jack
● Reserve the headphone hole position so that you can enjoy music while riding.
⑤. Thickened sponge
● Thickened sponge can effectively protect the phone.
⑥. Rainproof design
● The carbon-textured PU waterproof fabric and waterproof zipper design allow you to continue riding in light rain.
⑦. Shading design
● Effectively block part of the direct exposure of strong light. (Such as sunlight and strong night light)
⑧. Reflective design
● The reflective design makes it safer to ride at night.

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